Board Education is needed when......

Board Education is needed when:
1. there is confusion on what the board should be doing versus the senior staff and other volunteer/ member leaders;
2. there is no simple predictability/ reliability for how the board gets work done;
3. issues are unresolved month after month, year after year;
4. the information flows into and from the board are not reliable in function or thoroughness;
5. there is no easily understood accountability within the board for the quality and timeliness of board work;
6. there is no clarity on how board decisions will be made in the absence of full consensus;
7. board discipline is not followed. For example:
a. board members bring up issues at board meetings not on the board agenda;
b. board members are not prepared for board meetings;
c. board members continue to oppose board decisions after the board makes a decision;
d. board confidentiality is breached.
8. the board avoids full accountability appraisals and direction for the chief staff officer;
9. board agendas do not clearly indicate appropriate attention to issues of preferred futures, strategic positioning and implementation results monitoring for tactical adjustments;
10. board members don't understand every one of the above points, regardless of how well they might be doing on any one of them.

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