That would never work here

Successful businesses poach ideas from anywhere all the time if implenting the idea promises an improvement in market share.  How long did it take all the other banks to copy the credit card idea after successful implementation by CITI bank?  How long will it take North American cell phone providers to offer the electronic payment options available in Japan?

Fo some reason we don't do that in healthcare or education or social services.  Is it because we have extra resources to rebuild the same wheel in each jurisdiction from scratch?  Didn't think so!

Or is it that we think the wheel invented elsewhere won't roll in our homebase? How many patient care maps for optimal diagnosis and treatment of low back pain do we need to create in how many places before we concede that the condition and the interventions are pretty much the same everywhere.  The care maps need to be refreshed periodically to keep up with best practice, but even that should be a shared endeavor and shared widely

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