Lean into Change #3: self lies are the worst

"Change is for someone else, somewhere else". "Change is not my job". "I don't get paid to make changes". "I don't have time for this". "What we do works just fine". "The bosses will never support this". "Nothing ever really changes anyhow". "I'm only a few years away from retirement, so changing is not worthwhile for me". "I don't have the energy to put into any change". "I'm too junior to initiate anything". "I'm worried about my referral base being pissed off or confused". "I'm too new to really understand why they do what they do here". "It's not so bad, really". "Everyone is like family; this change will upset them". "I'm only part-time here". "Who is gonna benefit from this all this work; not me!" "We tried something like that before and it didn't work".

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