Lean into Change #6: lead the change

Inertia is powerful; organization inertia is deadweight. Have another look at all those excuses and self-lies enumerated #3 in this series. Are you saying any of those? Even to yourself? Someone has to step up if anything is to change for the better. Why not you?

You don't have start trying to shift a bolder; a pebble properly put in motion will gather force and become an avalanche with good tending. Go back through your notes: look for alignments of interests and energy. Convene a coffee session with a few of these like-minded individuals to brainstorm some ideas, and to try out some ideas that you have generated from your observations in the workplace (see #4 in this series). Look among your old and new contacts or your contacts' contacts for who controls resources or permissions needed for a trial or a pilot. Get it organized. Start with one page outling what the trial improvement could be.  Walk that around through your contacts to see what interest and improvement suggestions result.

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