Lean into Change #8: keep a dashboard of progress

Find some transparent method to keep track and share the details of your planned innovation or change. One method is to collaboratively develop a written charter that records who has committed to do what, what changes/ innovations/ interventions will be tried in what order, the timeline and what performance metrics have been agreed on. A mechanism to consider adjustments should be detailed and there should be a kill clause that shuts things down under specified circumstances.

Remember to keep putting energy into maintaining interest and support for the innovation among those immediately affected and those whose support is required. The simplest way to do this is to regularly share information on what interventions are working and the outcome improvements have been accomplished. Keep this reporting simple and make it graphic.

There will be lots of new ideas and improvement suggestions as you go along. Don't see those as criticism. Set up an advisory panel of gurus to sort and sift all these ideas for what is worthwhile and likely to be effective. Help them communicate their review process and thinking. Avoid personalizing any particular idea. Do not get vested in any change idea other than the willingness to keep trying for improvement. Implement likely ideas until the assessment metrics indicate that it should be abandoned or made a permanent part of the work flow. Make that decision collectively with all those affected.

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