Board Balance: leaning in is not always good

     This series on board quality is all about everyone knowing their job and doing it well. That doesn't mean trying to do someone else's job, or everyone else's job. If you actually care ab...   [more >]

How Boards Become Irrelevant

      Some boards are established to have no purpose beyond corporate window-dressing. This structure enables the CEO to meet the paper requirements of incorporation if not the spirit of meani...   [more >]

Who's On First?

  There is a famous Abbott and Costello sketch known by this title. It is worth a look on YouTube. You will see the same circular confusion around board tables. Board functions get out of sy...   [more >]

Recent Posts

Specificity Click-bait
June 15, 2017

    3 Things Great Leaders Never Do. 5 Keys to Organizational Change. 7 Days to C-Suite Nirvana. Does anyone really believe this clickbait? This meme of false s...

FITBIT Your Strategy
June 8, 2017

We are going to assume that you do HAVE a strategy that is guiding decisions towards some well-defined goals. You aren't just reacting from one crisis to the next, right? OK then,...

Get the Little Things Right
April 19, 2017

You must be good at the little things to be an effective consultant or change agent. Any good cook knows that. And you have to take the time. Scratch made puff pastry is a wondrous thing, not a...

Align Behavior with Goals
April 4, 2017

The last two posts took up the problems of getting all organizational work aligned to real goals for that organization.  The point of this effort, and it does take focused effort, is ...

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