Specificity Click-bait

    3 Things Great Leaders Never Do. 5 Keys to Organizational Change. 7 Days to C-Suite Nirvana. Does anyone really believe this clickbait? This meme of false s...   [more >]

Experience is NOT Knowledge or Skill

A common consulting error is to assume that people long in their positions know what they are doing and do it well. We assume that through experience people learn the necessary knowledge, skills ...   [more >]

It's the Leaders, Stupid!

  Over the past couple weeks in this "Why is Strategy So Rare" series I have catalogued some of the excuses I have come across in working with organizations of all sizes all acro...   [more >]

On leadership

Like so much in life, the definitions used to frame a proposition have much to do with the conclusions drawn. The New Yorker published a commentary on leadership, Shut Up and Sit Down, in the Feb...   [more >]

After Focus Comes Alignment

  If you have your team(s) agreed on a very few focal changes, congrats! You have a good start on your leadership role. And your work is just beginning. Agreement on change or impr...   [more >]

The Critical Importance of Focus

Uncomfortable truths: enthusiasm can kill implementation. Strategic direction falls apart if there are a lot of good ideas but little consensus on priority and sequence. Innovation will sta...   [more >]

When Leadership Hurts

  The Persian poet Rumi tells the story of a fellow who having attained some years and some experience believed that he could be a leader in his community. But how to get anyone to follow? ...   [more >]

Leadership is required: what do we have to do?

  If the engagement of individual physicians is essential to successful health care sector reform, how can this be achieved? Physician involvement in leading health care quality refor...   [more >]

Leadership is required: why is it so difficult?

  In all public sectors and all private organizations leadership is a challenge always and everywhere. The political nature of work in the public services places unique stresses on leaders a...   [more >]

Leadership is Required: challenges in developing and applying improvement skills

There is a significant leadership vacuum impeding system level improvements across most public sectors. Making effective resource investment choices and facilitating ongoing system-wide improvement...   [more >]

Leadership from Membership

Organizational members have different roles and responsibilities to the organization depending on a number of factors: age and maturity of the organization; budget to afford professional managemen...   [more >]

How boards and staff work together

Organizations need shared leadership. Leadership takes active effort. Principal leadership tasks for organizations are: 1. Visioning: see the future, exploit opportunities, take risks, allow for ...   [more >]

Recent Posts

Specificity Click-bait
June 15, 2017

    3 Things Great Leaders Never Do. 5 Keys to Organizational Change. 7 Days to C-Suite Nirvana. Does anyone really believe this clickbait? This meme of false s...

FITBIT Your Strategy
June 8, 2017

We are going to assume that you do HAVE a strategy that is guiding decisions towards some well-defined goals. You aren't just reacting from one crisis to the next, right? OK then,...

Get the Little Things Right
April 19, 2017

You must be good at the little things to be an effective consultant or change agent. Any good cook knows that. And you have to take the time. Scratch made puff pastry is a wondrous thing, not a...

Align Behavior with Goals
April 4, 2017

The last two posts took up the problems of getting all organizational work aligned to real goals for that organization.  The point of this effort, and it does take focused effort, is ...

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