Where Are You in Issue Space and Time?

Don't know? Your routine analytic repertoire should include surrounding and impending issues. If not, you risk being blindsided and forced to react with less preparation and fewer options t...   [more >]

Wicked Problems Need Collaborative Solutions

A standard gambit in candidate interviews is, "Tell me about a problem that you have solved". Reasonable professional expectation? Nope. Depends on what kind of problem the int...   [more >]

Crazy Mad Problems

"Good problem solving" shows up on most job descriptions, recruitment messaging and performance appraisals. Thinking about problem solving in such generalized terms doesn't comm...   [more >]

How to Approach Problem Solving

Most of us, most of the time act as if all problems can be approached in the same way: break it down into component parts then apply standard remedies to each component. Do we really believe that...   [more >]

Recent Posts

Specificity Click-bait
June 15, 2017

    3 Things Great Leaders Never Do. 5 Keys to Organizational Change. 7 Days to C-Suite Nirvana. Does anyone really believe this clickbait? This meme of false s...

FITBIT Your Strategy
June 8, 2017

We are going to assume that you do HAVE a strategy that is guiding decisions towards some well-defined goals. You aren't just reacting from one crisis to the next, right? OK then,...

Get the Little Things Right
April 19, 2017

You must be good at the little things to be an effective consultant or change agent. Any good cook knows that. And you have to take the time. Scratch made puff pastry is a wondrous thing, not a...

Align Behavior with Goals
April 4, 2017

The last two posts took up the problems of getting all organizational work aligned to real goals for that organization.  The point of this effort, and it does take focused effort, is ...

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