Yes, I agree, BUT...
Resistance to change can be both active and passive. If you are hearing the YES, BUT conversation, the resistance is active and acknowledged. Listen carefully and observe the body language displayed. After hearing all the reasons for the BUTS, ask for them in priority order and ask for solutions to the top one or two. If you have body signs of engagement (eye contact, leaning forward, no crossed arms), you might have helped make a change convert!

Change Management

“It is not the fittest of the species which survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

If you are lucky, this is all about managing the changes involved in an already planned out project. In these predictable circumstances managing change is not much of a challenge; more like effectiveness adjustments.   Needed changes are controlled in time and order to make sure the project remains on schedule, within budget, and maintains high quality.

More likely however, managing change is like doing a jigsaw puzzle, in a snow storm, at night, when you don't have all the pieces or the picture on the front cover of the box. Not everyone wants the change, understands the change or is committed to the personal behaviour modification required.

Dr. Curry can help organizations understand and manage conditions and factors that either make the change easier, or have been found necessary for an organisation to make a successful change to personnel behaviour, processes or structure. One must not only consider the type of change, such as its complexity, or how well the change is planned or managed; research shows that other “context factors” are important to a successful change, such as the support of senior staff, the organisational culture, the number of other changes competing for personnel attention, and political and economic “environmental factors”.  These “context factors” can help or hinder the most carefully planned and competently managed local change.


Change facilitation includes board and staff development, alternative futures definition, choice making and planning supports.  Monitoring, coaching and conflict resolution are supplied to assist change implementation.


Policy Governance 'Bow-Tie'

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