Is that idea applicable here?
People and situations are different, of course, but also remarkably the same! Incorporating a new idea from anywhere will require some tailoring to your situation and your people. That tailoring gives your people the chance to look at the change and get comfortable. Engage them fully in the analysis and the refit and they will more likely support the new idea as their own.

Program Design


Ignoring it leads to ill-informed decisions and actions.  Instructing staff, board or stakeholders to improve on their own is wishful thinking.   

New board and staff members need more than the organizational manual to get up to speed.  Even experienced people moving into new positions will need new skills, new knowledge and maybe some attitude adjustment.  New board chairs, new department heads, new supervisors, new volunteer leaders will all benefit from coaching focussed on the new resposibilities.  New CEO's and ED's are in particular need of an outside coach and mentor.

CurryCorp develops coaching, background education, knowledge and skills development and assessments  tailored to setting and circumstance. They can be discipline-based, systems-based, real-world-problem–based or a hybrid. All supports utilize critical adult competence principles: active proceses; clarity on ends to be obtained, the means to get there and frequent, embedded assessment with detailed  feedback.



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