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Dr. Curry's book, Educating Professionals: Responding to New Expectations for Competence and Accountability published by Jossey-Bass won the AERA Division I Award for the Best Scholarly Publication.


Competence is More Than the Sum of the Competencies    May 29, 2015

The organization, delivery and experience of higher education are rapidly changing through the widespread adoption of competency-based education (CBE). However, CBE maybe robbing the public of what we value most in professionals and the truly learned: the integrative overview and holistic perspective that are the primary hallmarks of professionalism. Myopic emphasis on exhaustive lists of competencies can focus learner attention on minutia and misuse valuable teacher/ mentor time to complete checklists. In this session, we will present the strengths and limitations of CBE in higher education, examine the challenges that session participants are currently experiencing, and provide strategies for scholars, instructors and administrators that will help them minimize the limitations of CBE to ensure a more robust curriculum and a higher-caliber graduate.

>> Professional Competence is More Than the Sum of the Competencies.pdf pdf

Large Scale Change in Professional Education   

Achieving Large-Scale Change in Medical Education. Chapter 33 (pages 1039-1084) in International Handbook for Research in Medical Education. Part Two. (Eds) Norman, G., van der Vleuten, C. and Newble, D. 2002. Amsterdam: Kluwer

>> Final Chapter 33.pdf pdf

Learning style is a life-long trait   

Enabling Life Long Learning at Work and at School: what we would do if we really meant it. Key note address at the European Learning Styles Information Network (ELSIN). Oslo, Norway.

>> 060710 ELSIN 06 text.pdf pdf

Education, Certification and Accreditation in a World without Borders   

Education, Certification and Accreditation in a World without Borders. Opening address to the General Assembly of Accreditation Sponsors, sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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