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Policy Governance 'Bow-Tie'    Apr 20, 2012

See the blog for Friday April 20th

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Maximizing Your Leadership Potential   

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential: A Two-Part IAMSE Webcast Audio Seminar Series. (with Jack R. Scott, Jeffrey A. Morzinski, Patricia S. O’Sullivan, Paula Bartholome, Thomas R. Viggiano, Michael D. Lumpkin,, Nehad El-Sawi, Franklin J. Medio,  Elza Mylona, Alison H. Lintner, Stephen P.Bogdewic, Thomas Schmidt).  Published in Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators; vol 18, No 2, 2008: 71-75.

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Evidence-based futures definition   

Imaging the Future of Radiology.
Canadian Association of Radiologists

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Leadership training   

Agency-wide leadership training program

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