Are you already obsolete?
What is happening out there? What will the future bring? Are we ready?

Situational Analysis

In order to survive, contribute and be rewarded, all organizations must continuously re-invent themselves. The most successful do so with a view to the circumstances they will be dealing with five to fifteen years in the future. That much planning distance is required to escape the reactive mode in favor of proactively creating preferred organizational futures. This requires close analysis of current and future environments and events critical to each business line. Goal definition and operational planning must be adjusted to fit new realities. Organizational structure, function and personnel must be aligned with new goals. Supportive monitoring and coaching will help individuals grow into their new challenges and achieve the results they desire for themselves and for the organization.

We have developed a range of packages outlined under the tabs in this section. CurryCorp will bring any or a combination of these approaches to your issues and concerns. CurryCorp will work with your staff to apply results to your organization or group. Should you wish direct capacity building for your organization, learning labs and component materials are available for all packages in customized training sessions.

Rigourous Futures Imagining

Operation Review

Governance Review and Adjustment

Organizational Development Processes

Facilitated Deliberative Inquiry

Individual in Context Analysis

Organization in Context

Competance Analysis Systems







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