Are you already obsolete?
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Competance Analysis Systems

WHY ARE PERFORMANCE REVIEWS SO PAINFUL, so avoided and usually so useless?

Why is there such universal agreement that our very expensive public and professional educational systems at all levels are fragmented, outdated and static, producing ill-equiped people?

The general answer lies in the intricacies of defining competence, constantly updating and communicating what is required to atually perform required tasks.  Specificity matters as does the quality of the evidence pointing to needed adjustments. Neither can be done on the fly based on hastily collected opinion.

We offer evidence-based systems at individual or unit levels to establish competence needs, current and future best practice, and then translate that demand into competency definitions (knowledge, skills, attitudes, performance metrics and outcomes).  We can help assess competence and offer help articulating educational goals, objectives for skills mastery, instructional methods, supports and continuing competency assessment strategies.  The system can be integrated into existing HR platforms and it will point out linked discrepancies throughout the organization's personnel and competency support functions.

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