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Facilitated Deliberative Inquiry

 DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW ARE VALUABLE if the leader knows how to maximize the value of the hetrogeneity.

 A board or staff that never offers an alternative view are not serving the organization well.  Silence is also not an option.  That allows passion, or at least noise, to rule, either for or against any idea.  But many leaders don't have the skills to elicit and protect dissidents to keep them contributing nor do they know how to positively use dissent to strengthen a decision or course of action.

Faciliated deliberative inquiry (FDI) is a structured method to elicit and utilize dissenting points of view. FDI is useful for any practical problem involving fundamental choices, multiple viewpoints, policy formulation and action required in complex situations in which values and belief systems play an important role. This approach is particularly valuable when stakeholder consultation is taken seriously.

We can set up and manage FDI processes for you, or teach and coach your staff.

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