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Individual in Context Analysis

Do you have a fox among the hounds? Are you the fox?  Is that a good or bad thing for the organization; for you?

You may have a 'star' or a 'star in the rough' on your team; or maybe just a mis-fit.  What are your opportunities and responsibilities as a leader in this situation?

We can help you examine the individual(s) for contribution in contex and design a program to assist the individual and their supervisor.

This entails analysis of the individual skill sets, aspirations, span of responsibility, authority, influence, control and lines of communication.  These features are described and examined for fit within the organizational unit. The process can be repeated with each subsuming organizational level unit until the alignments within the entire organization are made explicit and available for improvement considerations.

We can perform these analyses as outside observers or assist and coach your staff.  These skills are the core of effective performance review.

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