Are you already obsolete?
What is happening out there? What will the future bring? Are we ready?

Organization in Context

Are your meetings with members, stakeholders and customers collaborative or a 'guns drawn' stand-off?

 Organizations can get into a defensive position if they don't understand the changing needs and expectations of their members, stakeholders and customers.  That defensiveness can be seen as aggression or aloofness or disinterest.  All deadly for leaders and for the organization as a whole. 

We can help you develop ongoing mechanisms to monitor key elements of your organizaitonal context so that you are not surprized and scrambling from one crisis to the next. 

This analysis incudes market position and opportunities, classic SWOT elements and strategic desision possibilities.  From modeling the strategic decision options we can then derive goals, specific objectives, appropriate structure, human and technical resources, output and impact definitions. We will also advise on strategic implementation to maximize goal achievement, efficiency and effectiveness.

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