Are you already obsolete?
What is happening out there? What will the future bring? Are we ready?

Rigourous Futures Imagining

 "Rigorous Imagining": enable your people to get "outside the box" to create a preferred future.

This is a rigorous, evidence based method to develop individual and organizational foresight. Royal Dutch Shell used this methodology to avoid the worst effects of the first OPEC oil price manipulation.  Singapore uses foresight analyses in all parts of government to position this small urbanized city-state profitably amid the geo-political storms, resource and market competition. By all national measures, they have been successful while providing a higher level of safety and services to their population than most Western countries.  Developing foresight literacy and correctly deploying the methodology is a requirement in functional organizations.  

As engineers use wind tunnels to model aerodynamic effects, a successful foresight model predicts real world behaviour and outcomes.  Foresight allows identification of change pivot points with early warnings of confirming or disconfirming evidence. 

Foresight is required:

1.     when the purpose is to improve organizational relevance;

2.     when trend extension and current opinion convergence are likely to be wrong;

3.     when managers are required to think from the "outside-in" (i.e. in times of structural and transformational change);

4.     when support is required from stakeholding groups with different perspectives/ agendas/ values/ cultures;

5.     when creating an organizational vision for 10+ years out. 

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