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Lynn Curry, PhD.

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Is your organization as good as it needs to be?  Are you?

If not now, WHEN?

If not you, WHO?

The pace of change is not slowing.  

Anticipated or not, change will make you and your organization irrelevant unless you are actively anticipating and influencing forces creating your future.  

This is not a passive process.

Do you find yourself reacting to events and issues after they occur?  Or are you successfully shaping what happens?  

Do you know how to do that? 

Have you explored your choices among possible futures?

If you are unsure or unhappy with your answers to these questions contact

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What we work on

Our focus is making your world a better place.   We do this by helping you align efficient governance, operations and execution toward your best possible future.   We can help you define that future and achieve it.

Situational Analysis:  

Is your organization already obsolete?  What is happening out there?   What will the future bring?  Is everyone ready?

Active change management: 

Resistance to change can be both active and passive.  If you are hearing, "Yes, I agree but...", the resistance is active and acknowledged.  You have passive resistance if there is no response when change is requested or if there are routine deflections: "too busy; not my priority; change X first; maybe in the new year".  Tailored engagement with all types of resistance is required for change to be successful. 

Strategic implementation:

Incorporating new ideas requires a strategic fit to your situation and your people.  Equally important will be assistance in giving up the old ways.  Active engagement in analysis and refit will generate more support for doing things differently.  

Management metrics:

Boards of directors, executives and senior management must create, operate and continually communicate functional, evidence-based frameworks for audit, analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring results.

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about me


Owner and Chief Consultant

CurryCorp Inc. 

Lynn is a cognitive psychologist with years of transformative innovation experience in professions education and health care services.  She has worked with the senior strategic levels of most health professions, public and professional education, certification and regulation in Canada, the United States and internationally. 

Lynn has had significant roles in the evolution of healthcare quality and improvement mechanisms including the founding of the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute for Health Research, Generalists in Medical Education, Genome Canada and Interhealth Canada.  

She established the research base and helped guide the definition and governance for defined minimum competencies across all branches of the podiatry profession in North America and Europe.

She also created evidence-based credentialing programs for Canadian healthcare executives, founded the medical education research units at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto, and was the originating editor of  "Healthcare Management FORUM Gestion des soins de santé".  

Lynn is committed to data translation and knowledge dissemination as evidenced in over 170 papers, books, book chapters and invited presentations on change management, continuing professional development, health care, higher education, learning style, measurement, planning and public education.

CurryCorp Inc. has achieved long standing, repeat customer relationships and successful competitive funding for client specific research programs on a global basis.   

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What Clients Say

”Lynn worked with senior leaders on the Board and senior staff at CAR to revitalize our organization. She introduced innovative ways to discuss, investigate, choose and support new visions for organizational success that accurately identified changing expectations, constraints and opportunities.”
- David Vickar, MD FRCP. Past President, Canadian Association of Radiologists.
“Lynn is an outstanding leader in the consulting field.  She has a global vision but a focused attention to local contextual detail. If you choose to work with Lynn be prepared to work seriously and hard. Value for money gets lifted to a new rewarding level with Lynn's approach and results.”
- Don Juzwishin, former CEO, Health Council of Canada
“Lynn is a very skilled consultant with superb capacity to tackle complex issues and deliver pragmatic results for clients.”
- Dennis Kendel, MD. former Registrar, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
“Lynn has continually demonstrated executive leadership in defining, shaping and implementing policy and programs. Lynn's diligence and energy was instrumental in successfully initiating and completing projects on schedule and on budget. It is always a pleasure to work with Lynn and I look forward to working again with her in the future.”
- Mike Fisher, VP Business Development, Medicalis
“If you are looking for competent professional medical educator or medical management trainer, Lynn promises to fit that bill- while offering a positive experience for all.”
- Penny Jennett, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary